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The term tapa comes from the Spanish word tapar, loosely meaning "to put the top on." The culinary experience of tapas is born from the practicality of placing a slice of bread atop one's glass of sherry between sips, and originally emerged from Andalusian taverns. "Putting the top on" prevented the drinker from sharing his sherry with the hovering fruit flies.

As time went on bars started to put different types of cheeses and meats on the bread. Taverns started trying to out do each other's tapas in order to gain more business, and thus, a whole style of cuisine was born. Since tapas has evolved into an entire (and often sophisticated) cuisine, it is a very social/family style of eating, due to the fact that it is centered around drinking. Here at Pamplona, we strive to serve the very best tapas using fresh and local ingredients. Our chefs combine traditional Spanish styles and ingredients fused with other Mediterranean influences and a pinch of home. They are best shared amongst family and friends while enjoying a excellent glass of Spanish wine or one of our refreshing, original cocktails. The more that you share... the more you get to taste. Salud.

Happy to cater your private functions with the ultimate party/finger food: tapas!
Sangrias and Cocktails by the batch available
Off site services - suckling pig, paella (portions for both)
In house services: Partitioned for privacy in the Oyster Room for business meetings, power point friendly
Professional Service that make guests feel welcome, adds polish to any function, be it political fundraiser or house-warming party
Fine Selection of Spanish Meats and Cheeses
Fresh Fruit displays, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options available
Preparation and presentation of Wild Game (48 hrs advance notice required)
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